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Emerging Manager Platform

The AFA Emerging Manager Platform offers early stage fund managers a cost effective turnkey solution to provide the infrastructure required to support a new fund launch, without incurring capital intensive start-up costs. Fund managers will receive a high quality service from top tier SSAE 16 compliant service providers at significantly reduced rates. Services include legal, prime brokerage, fund administration, and audit & tax.

  • AFA Emerging Manager Platform LLC
    – a Delaware Limited Liability Company providing the platform infrastructure to US based (onshore) funds.
  • AFA Emerging Manager Platform Cayman SPC
    – a Cayman domiciled segregated portfolio company registered as a section 4(3) regulated mutual fund with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) providing the platform infrastructure to Cayman domiciled (offshore) funds.
  • AFA EMP Management, LTD
    – the AFA Emerging Manager Platform management company providing management of administrative services for the platform and each Sub-Fund or Segregated Portfolio on the platform. The management company will also arrange for the performance of all accounting and administrative services which may be required by each Sub-Fund or Segregated Portfolio and/or the Investment Manager.

The AFA Emerging Manager Platform operates as a Segregated Portfolio Company having its own Private Placement Memorandum, with each fund established as a Segregated Portfolio or Sub-Fund on the platform. Fund managers participating on the platform will have supplemental fund documents (PPM, Subscription Documents, etc.) specific to their fund strategy, fee structure, investor dynamics, etc. These documents will be drafted for a significantly reduced fee. The time to launch an individual Segregated Portfolio or Sub-Fund on the platform is 3-4 weeks versus 3-4 months, allowing fund managers to launch quickly and cost effectively, while building a performance track record and raising additional investor capital.

Each fund on the platform operates independently, and will have its own set of fund documents, brokerage trading account, fund bank account, and fund investment capital will not be comingled. Clients joining the AFA Emerging Manager platform will receive the following services:

  • Legal
    – the platform provides onshore and offshore legal services in support of fund document preparation, setup, and entity formations.
  • Prime Brokerage
    – the platform has several recommended Primer Broker and Custodian relationships to select from. Clients may choose their own prime brokers as well.
  • Fund Administration
    – Advanced Fund Administration provides comprehensive fund administration and advisory services at reduced rates for clients on the platform.
  • Cash Management
    – each Segregated Portfolio or Sub-Fund will have its own escrow bank account.
  • Audit
    – KPMG offers both audit and tax services at significantly reduced rates during the initial launch years.