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Start A Real Estate Fund

Starting a real estate fund is very similar to starting a hedge fund. In fact, many real estate funds are established as hedge funds. There are just a few nuances between the two that need to be discussed in order to establish the proper structure. Our process is will be the same, but we will tailor our advice to fit a real estate fund. This includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Outlining your budget and timeline of completion
  • Defining your legal structure, including tweaks for real estate specific strategies
  • Introduction to Legal team to handle the fund documents and the necessary registrations
  • Setting you up with a high level administrator with specific experience in valuing real estate assets
  • Aligning you with an auditor who will provide year-end tax work for the Limited Partnership, K-1's for the investors and a full audit for the fund
  • Devising your marketing strategy and budget
  • Planning and building your website, marketing materials and PowerPoint presentation, all of which will be fully SEC compliant
  • Inclusion of your fund on HedgeCo.Net, the premier hedge fund database
  • Securing your attendance at various industry conferences all over the United States
  • Exclusive fund launch article that will be distributed to over 25,000 members, as well as be distributed through other various channels
  • On-going consultation for the first full year