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"As Investment Managers our time is spent trading the markets.  When it came to setting up our hedge fund and navigating the various legal agencies involved, we were definitely out of our element.  Fortunately, Evan Rapoport with Start a Hedge Fund Today was able to act as both a guide and a consultant.  With Evan’s help we were able to form our Funds both inexpensively and with absolute assurance that all the legal aspects were properly handled.  Evan not only introduced us to a number of different service providers, but gave us a background on each, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses."

"Having gone through the complete process, we wouldn’t even begin forming a new fund without Evan being part of the process."

Dan Miller
Great Hills Capital Partners, LLC

"We are extremely pleased with all the help we have received from the SHFT Expert Team.  They helped us with every aspect of setting up our hedge fund.  In one of our early conversations with them, SHFT told me that when they are done getting us set up we will look like a billion dollar fund.  They have delivered, and we are now in the process of setting up three additional funds with the help of SHFT and the HedgeCo Network!"

Brian Toelle, Managing Director
Hardel Capital

"With the help of Start a HedgeCo's Start Up Consulting Group, I was able to switch prime brokers with ease and launch my hedge fund.  Evan was very knowledgeable on the subject and took the time to get to know me and my business."

Michael Weissman, Managing Director
Full Steam Capital Management LLC

Few firms in the hedge fund industry can be classified into the diamond in the rough category like HedgeCo. We first became acquainted with HedgeCo back when our fund launched and we were looking for a reputable firm to design our website. As we were perusing other fund's sites, we noticed a general theme that many happened to be designed by the same firm, HedgeCo Websites. We reached out to them and found ourselves talking directly with the CEO himself, Evan Rapoport, which was a nice touch. Evan's extremely dynamic and energetic personality along with his command in the hedge fund world gave us the confidence to engage them to design our site. The team was quick to begin, met deadlines on time and the end product has garnered much praise from fellow managers. Later, realizing that HedgeCo also facilitated capital raising opportunities, we reached back out to them. HedgeCo helped smoothly transition a move to a new broker platform that could better suit our needs while at the same time putting us in touch with a number of institutional investors that has turned out to be extremely fruitful. They invited us out to an emerging manager's conference in Chicago which helped amplify our exposure to the hedge fund arena. HedgeCo's efforts has helped us triple our firm's assets under management within a year. Evan and his team have been an unrelenting source of information and help as our firm maneuvers through the emerging manager stage and would be an indispensable asset to anyone in the hedge fund business.

Kevin Lennil
Partner, Chief Investment Officer
Exagroup, LLC

Anyone Can Do It

Glusman says the biggest surprise in starting up has been how cheap it is. In a package provided by startahedgefundtoday.com, the consulting arm of HedgeCo Networks, an industry information source, he got everything he needed to start Mogul — including legal and accounting services, auditors, prime broker introductions, Web site construction, database membership with Hedgeco.net and hedge fund software. And all that for $35,000. “If you go a la carte it's very expensive — buffet-style is cheap,” he says. [One hedge fund attorney, who wished to remain anonymous, groused that, “You get what you pay for.”]

As you would expect, Glusman has big expectations; the limited partners do too, since they're going to pay a 2 percent management fee and 20 percent of profits. Investors can expect to get (net of fees) 20 percent returns. Those projections are based on four years of success using a model, developed by Ratner, that he has used over that time to manage personal assets, assets at his former employer Carlin and the portfolio of a high-net-worth family. “In 2004, returns, net of fees, were 32 percent. In 2003 they were 34 percent,” says Glusman of the model's success. “Obviously, a jarring geo-political event or a big bear market would change that, but even then we think we can achieve returns in the mid-teens,” he says.

As for the risk, Glusman says that's just part of it. If you're disciplined, follow the plan and the program — “sell when all indicators say sell, buy when they say buy” — the fund will succeed, he says. “In order to do well in this business you need to take the risks,” he says. “Sure, there will be small collisions, but with discipline we're not going to blow up.”

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